25 February 2022 Multiplier Event of the HEROES Project – Final Conference in Florence

The HEROES project ends in Florence with the final conference at the Vasari Auditorium of the Uffizi Galleries

Last 25th February 2022, the Vasari Auditorium of the Uffizi Galleries hosted the final conference of the HEROES Project -HEritage, cultural ROots and innovative peer Education Strategies (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for EDUCATION, Development of Innovation. The event was available in live through the Uffizi’s official Facebook Channel and it allowed to share the results achieved through the whole project experience with the local educational community made up of schools, teachers and students, but also with a wider audience of cultural heritage experts, art historians, cultural educators and citizens. During the conference the different and creative ways of applying the peer-to-peer methodology to the issues related to cultural heritage education developed during the two and a half years of work on HEROES were explored and the most important activities were presented. significant activities carried out by the different schools involved in the three partner countries. All European partners indeed took part to the conference: the Department for Education of the Uffizi Galleries, as Project’s Coordinator, the Centro Machiavelli and the “Marco Polo” Instituto of Florence, the School Life & Education Museum – EKEDISY of Athens and the University of Malaga, Sciences of Education Dept.   

After the instituional greatings of Mr. Eike Schmidt, the Uffizi Galleries’ Director, and of Ms. Silvia Marscalchi, the responsible for the Education Dept. Of Uffizi, all the representatives of partner institutions have been welcomed and introduced: Mr. Ludovico Arte, School Principle of “Marco Polo” Institute, Mrs. Evangelia Kantartzi, Director of the EKEDISY Museum, and Mrs. Carmen Rosa García Ruiz, Professor at the University of Malaga.

The conference was attended also by Mrs. Sara Pagliai, Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency INDIRE, who brought a very interesting contribution about the European dimension of Education and the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme for schools.

However, the conference core was represented by the illustration of the various peer education activities carried out during the local experimentation in Florence, Athens and Malaga and culminated in the study visit that some students of the Marco Polo Institute carried out in Malaga and Athens. During this exchange experience on cultural heritage issues among peers, the HEROES methodology had its test bed on a transnational scale. The Marco Polo students then offered their precious testimony by sharing with the audience the emotions and lessons learned from this experience.

Watch the conference recording here