3° Technical and Transnational Meeting of PaTiE Project

On October 21th and 22nd, Centro Machiavelli will attend the Third Technical and Transnational Meeting of the Patie project that will be held in Arrasate (Bilbao, Spain).

The project partner are involved in the development and production of the teaching materials, which are essential to guide adult educators in the process of integration and use of certain instruments of psychodrama, in the teaching practice.

The goal is to improve the skills of trainers and promote the development of training programs, shared at European level, able to respond effectively to the training needs of adults learners.

The 3rd meeting will be the perfect occasion to discuss the advancements in the process of production of educational materials in each partner country of the project.

The partner will share their doubts and difficulties working together for the success of the project.

For further information on Patie, please visit the project page or the official website of the project.