3DLab Making with Brain Technology and Hands

Start date: 
End Date: 
24 months
3D Printing for Craft Making

ERASMUS+ K.A2,Strategic Partnership, Development of Innovation for YOUTH.

The main objective of 3DLab project is to foster the growth of informal learning environments, providing opportunities for young people to engage in craft making with the support of digital technology. For this aim all the European partners will carry out several actions:

1. Developing an online course - 3DLab Online Course- guiding youth educators on how to integrate digital design and prototyping technology in a craft making space. The online course will include several modules about digital prototyping technology, new artisans and youth creativity in the digital age;

2. Hosting the online platform for learning and communication of both young participants and youth workers involved in creative artisan projects;

3. Organising 3D Lab workshops with digital and manual tools providing learning paths from designing and prototyping objects to elaborating them into crafts.

The informal creative workshops with digital and manual tools bring concrete benefits to young people, since  the research data from across national and educational contexts document the value of youth interest-driven, peer-supported and production-centred activities with digital media. Also, the training experience gained by partners in time proved that young people eagerly participate in making activities supported with digital prototyping technology which lead to production of concrete physical objects of artistic and practical value.

3DLab Project supports:

The Young people taking part in 3D Lab workshops: interested in digital technology and making physical objects, including those with limited access to such opportunities due to their distant location, price, etc., in need of support to develop competences essential for employment

Youth workers and educators taking part in online course: those who organize creative activities for young people, seek new opportunities to extend or improve their programs, work in organizations with relevant potential.


Applicant Coordinator

Educational Centre EST, Wadowice - PL


Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” Patras - GR

Metallo Nobile Jewellery School, in collaboration with Centro Machiavelli Srl  - Training Agency & EU Projects Dept. – Florence, ITA