On 19 October 2018 Centro Machiavelli, Cepiss Coop and LABCOM introduced the Erasmus+ KA2 YOU-ROPE Project at DIDACTA Italia, the main national fair for Education and Training held in Florence from 18-20 October 2018.

From 18 to 20 October 2018 held in Florence the second edition of DIDACTA ITALIA, the main national fair appointment for Education and Training. Carried out in Germany since 50 years, the fair “Didacta Italia” strengthen its presence in Florence, making the city the heart of European Education and Training for future.

During the fair, Centro Machiavelli, Cepiss Coop. and LABCOM, Academic spin off of Florence University, presented the results achieved within the first working year of YOU-ROPE Project - Youth Rites of Passage in Europe (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for Youth, Development of Innovation).

The project involves EU institutions working with youth and aims to share and to test a model of youth growth within their community. The model aims to identify and to implement positive rites of passage involving young people and youth workers/ educators, making participants aware about the disregarded role of rites of passage, by designing and improving shared positive “rites of passage experiences” (ROPEs) (Blumenkrantz&Goldstein 2010 “Rites of passage as framework for community interventions with youth”)