Start date: 
End Date: 
24 months
Digitally enriched curriculum bridging formal and non-formal VET



Educational Centre EST, Wadowice - PL


Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” Patras - GR

Centro Machiavelli - Training Agency & EU Projects Dept. in cooperation with Metallo Nobile Jewellery School, CER, European Restoration Center and Vocational Building School – Florence - IT


Formal vocational education of young people is usually disconnected from their engagement in extracurricular activities. Schools and out-of-school learning environments rarely come together to develop a programme that would cross their borders. The key question of this project is how to bridge this gap and develop approaches which would open fields of cooperation between teachers and trainers for the benefit of young people preparing for their vocational careers.


The project aims at bridging formal and non-formal education environments to support young people to develop digital competences relevant for their vocational careers.


  • Strengthen partners’ cooperation with other organisations across the formal and non-formal VET sectors.
  • Provide opportunities for students to extend their learning of vocational subjects beyond school.
  • Design flexible learning pathways focusing on competent use of digital technologies used in their future professions.
  • Validate the approaches through piloting them during the project lifetime.
  • Elaborate the findings from the pilots and publish them.
  • Propagate the methodology widely to encourage growth of similar initiatives.


  • Young people in initial VET
  • Preparing for occupations in which competent use of digital technologies is important
  • Having limited opportunities to participate in extracurricular enrichment programmes due to their distant location, price, etc.
  • In need of support to develop competences essential for employment
  • VET teachers and trainers
  • Seeking opportunities to extend/improve their programmes
  • Working in schools or non-formal education organisations open to innovation at the interface of initial VET, lifelong learning and youth work
  • Decision makers in the VET field
  • Headmasters and managers of the above in charge of planning courses
  • Local/regional authorities deciding on financial support to non-formal learning programs.


Learning pathways involving students preparing for vocational careers in a range of learning experiences that enrich their school curriculum. Each partner team designed and implemented 3 such scenarios in close cooperation with formal and non-formal education providers operating in its own territory. The sectors of intervention selected in Italy by Centro Machiavelli were:

  1. 3D Modelling in Jewelry Making field, implemented in cooperation with the 3D Design Dept. At Metallo Nobile Jewelly School in Florence.
  2. Restoration of wooden made artistic masterpieces and related accessories.
  3. Restoration of sculptures and stone made artifacts.

These two last activities have been realised in cooperation with CER, European Restoration Center Florence and Florence Vocational Building School. 

The sectors selected in the other countries were:

1) Building construction, carpentry and electronics from manual to digital prototyping of objects relevant for their fields (PL)

2) Technology behind intelligent spaces and precision farming (awareness about energy savings and sustainability, Introduction to Arduino and IoT for agriculture programs) (GR)

Learning results merged into the digiVET Publication, the main product of the project, consisting in a digitally enriched Curriculum linking formal and non-formal VET describing 3 different models developed by each partner, including awareness-raising strategies, exemplary learning scenarios in different areas of the VET curriculum and validated results. Publication in 4 languages (EN and GR, IT, PL), about 80 pages, distributed in digital version. The Curriculum is an OER (Open Educational Resource) is freely available and downloadable as Open Educational Resource from this link https://www.digi-vet.eu/