ERASMUS+ DigiVET Project – Final Event of 22 October 2020

Spazio NOTA hosted in Florence the final event of the DigiVET Project, organised by Centro Machiavelli in cooperation with CER-European Center for Restoration and SPE - Florence Building School

Last 22 October 2020 the Final Multiplier Event for the DigiVET project took place at Spazio NOTA (Nuova Officina Toscana Artigianato) – Pio X Artgianelli Institute in Florence. The event closed the two years path for the development of a digitally enriched Curriculum to bridge formal and non-formal vocational education and training, realized within the European Programme Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnership for Innovation in VET. The main output of the project consisted in a methodological publication - the Digitally enriched Curriculum - describing 3 different models developed by all the involved partners: Centro Machiavelli of Florence (IT), EST Training Center and CKZiU of Wadowice (PL) and the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI) of Patrass (GR). The contents include exemplary learning scenarios in different areas of vocational education and training, issued in 4 languages: English, Polish, Greek and Italian and published on the project’s website for free downloads (

According to the most recent Italian legislation to fight the Covid emergency, the event provided for a blended participation combining the traditional face-to-face attendance with a tailored online simultaneous connection done through the Google Suite Platform.

Within the general overview on the various sectors where the competences developed by the Curriculum could be applied, a special focus was paid to show how the new technologies can be effectively integrated for training in the field of artistic craftsmanship and goldsmithing as well as in those of restoration of sculptures, stone materials, wood and accessories. Among the event's relators there were the main representatives of all the organizations that collaborated in the local implementation of the DigiVET training interventions aimed to dissemination and practical application of the Curriculum's contents, in particular: Architect Enrico Ferranti, teacher of 3D Design at Metallo Nobile Jewelry School, Prof. Laura Lucioli of the University of Verona and Professor of Restoration at the CER and Maestro Simone Beneforti, restorer and trainer for the restoration of valuable wooden artefacts.

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