ERASMUS+ HEROES Project – 2° Online Transnational Meeting 09 April 2021 (Ex Malaga)

Last 09 April 2021 it was held the second distance transnational meeting for the HEROES Project - HEritage, cultural ROots and innovative peer Education Strategies (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for EDUCATION, Development of Innovation)

Due to the persistence of the state of health emergency, the second technical coordination meeting of the HEROES project was also held online. The meeting took place on 09 April 2021 via Google Meet platform, replacing the traditional face-to-face session initially planned in Malaga (ES).

The online plenary meeting constituted a key step for all partners to discuss the general state of the art of the local activities to implement the I.O1- HEROES MODEL. In particular, the partners focused how the local activities aimed to the Model’s testing run in each country. After a general overview on the ongoing actions, each partner described the operational planning and the features of its own peer-educational activities’ testing, with special regard to the strengths and possible difficulties faced in carrying out the experimentation phase due to the still persisting pandemic. In partner countries there are different policies to tackle the pandemic and these measures impact differently in daily-life (even) of schools (teachers and students) and museums, which constitute the main targets of the HEROES project. In Spain, schools and museums are regularly opened, while in Italy and Greece the sanitary measures oblige the museums to be still closed and the schools to mix online and in-presence activities, according to the level of contagion detected by the public sanitary authority. For this reason, the partners are working both online with adequate distance means and in presence, according to what is currently allowed in their own countries, being prepared to shift to the properest way to carry out the testing. Within the meeting the general state of art of the implementation of the I.O2 – the HEROES Platform – has been introduced too. In particular, the new updated sections devoted to the Internal Workshops’ description held in each partner country have been shown. Within the workshops, the pedagogical contents of the peer-educational approach applied to cultural heritage education developed within the HEROES Model have been transferred and shared among pilot groups of secondary school teachers and cultural educators.