LIBERTEC - LIBrary as online Educational Repository Techniques in European Community pre- schools

ERASMUS+ KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education

LIBERTEC is the result of 3 years of scientific reflection and work on the issues regarding both high quality-inclusive ECEC and 0-6 Services modernization, that found in the recent Covid emergency a hastening trigger. The ECEC Services tackled the challenge launched by the pandemic to the whole Education system to rapidly adapt themselves, their daily routine and educational strategies, finding in ICTs useful solutions. Recurring to remote work and online meetings for the educational pool and the organization of distance activities (where possible) such as videos, readings aloud and songs for children accelerated the ECEC technological transformation: never as now the digital responsiveness of the 0-6 Services has been fundamental. Therefore, being able to manage distance educational interventions and to carry out their pedagogical coordination thanks to high digitally skilled staff became indispensable, beyond representing an essential requirement to raise ECEC quality and inclusiveness. LIBERTEC wants to give a concrete response to this need through the development of a digitized pedagogical documentation system aimed to raise digital readiness, quality of educational and organizational Services 'work, as well as their external relations' efficacy (with families and local institutional stakeholders). The adoption of a digitized documentation system can support ECEC operators in their commitments, that are increasingly complex due to the steadily evolving educational methodologies, the updating of legislations and to the change of rules to manage and document daily work, that could also require remote-work. An effective and standardized documentation, especially if digitized, can become a methodological and pedagogical strength for the Services as it allows to organize / save files and materials to make the data collection-storing a norm. Internal procedures, educational strategies and activities and all the useful materials can be easily cataloged, systematized and made quickly transferable and usable in daily work by educators and pedagogical coordinators, giving to all the internal operators the same working structure and contents. Concerning the users, the families can be involved more transparently in their children school life through the effective access to clear pedagogical documentation, also enhancing mutual trust with the Service, while children can gain further opportunities to develop their social and cognitive skills.

Thanks to the digitized documentary practice - done e.g. by video-photos storing, educational products' preservation, activities' traceability- they will be able to recognize themselves and their daily life in kindergarten / preschool.

To pursue these fundamental aims, the partners will outline specific GUIDELINES proposing an original digitized pedagogical documentation model arisen from the analysis of daily good educative/management/documentary practices among all the involved organizations. From the pedagogical, the documentary task is essential to make preschool didactic experiences trackable and visible to the educative community. Therefore, the documentation will incorporate tailored requisites for secure sharing (privacy), based on ICT assets’ safe use and adequate operators’ digital competences (European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators: DigCompEdu. It will be done through a DIGITAL LIBRARY: a corporate secure system to store files that will be set, managed and updated in each Service – according to the single asset already in use - by trained operators.