ERASMUS+ LIBERTEC Project – First Technical in Lisbon 12-13 December 2022

Last 12-13 December 2022 took place in Lisbon the first technical Meeting of the LIBERTEC - LIBrary as online Educational Repository Techniques in European Community pre- schools (ERASMUS+ KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education)

Hosted by the Portuguese partner Jardins Escolas João de Deus, the work team of the LIBERTEC project met in Lisbon for the 1st transnational coordination meeting, where each one presented the results of the first phase of work, preparatory to the development of the core content of the project. In all partner countries (IT, ES, PT and RO) an initial survey was carried out to highlight the good educational practices, with special regard to those for pedagogical documentation, adopted by the pilot partner preschools (0-6) and the digital needs of their operators. Starting from these results, the LIBERTEC Guidelines will be defined, outlining a methodology for digitized documentation that will help operators to manage more effectively the several educational activities carried out within the services and to make the procedures adopted by educators traceable as well as to to monitor children progress and acquisitions, and to have increasingly transparent and protected interactions both with families and other external actors. The setting of the Guidelines’ contents - and for the fine-"Digital Library" tuning - were defined by partners in a rich joint work session where they gave their own contribution, according to their peculiarities and competences. The exchange and sharing of expertise, experiences and good practices for an inclusive and high-quality early childhood education represent the pillar on which the entire LIBERTEC project is based and from which descends the methodolpogy to support innovation and managerial and pedagogical modernization of the 0-6 Services that the partners intend to propose.

The meeting ended visiting the Jardim-Escola João de Deus preschool in Belas (Sintra), which gave the participants the opportunity to get in touch with the daily management of educational routine, ludic and didactic spaces and of the pedagogical documentation carried out in one of the centers of the Portuguese partner.