ERASMUS+ Progetto READ-COM – Reading Education Toolkit work in progress

The activities to implement the Reading Education Toolkit for Pre-primary and Primary school teachers are still running in each partner country

Waiting for the transnational project meeting scheduled in Patras (GR) in July, the work on the Reading Education Toolkit is fruitfully running in each country with the aim to present and share its official first draft in Greece.  The meeting in Greece will be the first face-to-face on realized by partners after the pandemic experience. The Toolkit represents the core of the whole READ-COM project (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for EDUCATION, Development of Innovation) as it is configured as a useful compendium for Preschool and Primary School teachers including highly innovative activities to promote the reading education among their young students, as well as a valid support for literacy acquisition processes. Its contents will be also useful to foster social inclusion dynamics, also promoting the parents’ participation to their children school-life, giving them a more active role in encouraging reading as fruitful activity to do together. The Toolkit’s contents drafting, indeed, was preceded by a peculiar researching phase carried out in partner countries (UK, GR, ES, IT, PT) to highlight the most used methodologies to promote reading education adopted in pre-primary and primary schools, the families’ attitudes and habits in this area and the teachers’ training pathways focused on the reading competences of 3-10 years children.

Waiting for updating on project’s running, you can download and consult the research reports on Italian reading educational practices, family reading habits and teachers’ training prepared by Centro Machiavelli and Istituto Comprensivo “Giovanni XXIII” of Terranuova Bracciolini (AR).

Report sulle _pratiche di lettura nella Scuola de Infanzia Italia_IT 

Report sulle Pratiche di lettura nella Scuola Primaria_IT

Report su Competenza di lettura e formazione degli insegnanti in Italia_IT