ERASMUS + RADAR Project - 10-11 December 2020, 2nd Transnational Online Meeting (ex Linz)

On 10 and 11 December 2020, the second coordination meeting of the RADAR project - Vocational Guidance and Employability for Blind and Partially Sighted People (ERASMUS + K.A2, Strategic Partnerships for Innovation in VET) took place online.

Due to the persistence of the state of health emergency, the second technical coordination meeting of the RADAR project was also held online. The meeting took place on 10 and 11 December 2020 via Zoom platform, replacing the traditional face-to-face session initially planned in Linz (AT). The partners had the opportunity to jointly discuss and evaluate the progress of the various project activities, now halfway through their path, and to share the subsequent development stages, getting to the core of the RADAR contents. In fact, the meeting had a strong operational character and represented a key moment for planning the work that the partners will carry out in the next months for the development of the two Outputs constituting the very core of the project: the Guidelines for Employers and Entrepreneurs and those for the Labor Service Operators.

Both Guidelines are aimed at promoting the culture of accessibility in the workplace and highlighting all those new job opportunities (and training) that the use of new generation assistive technologies make possible for blind and visually impaired people. Their main objective, obviously diversified according to the relative target of reference, is in fact to disseminate information and knowledge about the current and concrete employment potential of this specific category of workers in terms of new areas of employment, professional profiles, new tasks and responsibilities that can be carried out thanks to new technologies, while helping to support the value of inclusiveness in the labour market.

All partners took part in the meeting: I.Ri.Fo.R., Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation of Florence and project leader; Centro Machiavelli; JOHANNES KEPLER University of Linz (AT); Polish Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Polski Zwiazek Niewidomych) of Warsaw (PL) and BARTIMEUS (NL).