ERASMUS + RADAR Project - Local Workshops become active

From July 7, the information workshops for entrepreneurs and operators of employment services started about the new employment opportunities for visually impaired and blind people

The RADAR project continues its path with the activation, in all partner countries, of local activities (Local Workshops) which aim to inform entrepreneurs and operators of employment agencies about the needs and potential skills of people visually impaired or non-selling connected to the use of new technologies. At the end of the workshop cycle, their observations and suggestions will be organized and analysed in order to be able to make changes and improvements to the Guidelines for Entrepreneurs and Operators, which constitute important results (intellectual output) of the project.

The workshops are organized in two different ways, the first aimed at entrepreneurs, the second at operators working in employment services.

The workshop for entrepreneurs aims to inform and raise awareness on specific issues such as those relating to the employability and work inclusion of people with visual disabilities.

The second cycle of workshops is dedicated to the operators of the employment services and aims to provide information on aspects concerning how a person with a visual disability operates, the tools they need, the new employment opportunities that are made possible by the development of new technological devices.

These actions aim to produce effects also on the blind and visually impaired who, indirect recipients of the project, will be able to benefit from it in terms of social inclusion, professional development and possible expansion of employment perspectives.

Numerous institutions participated in the workshops including the Bank of Italy, Alliance Partner, CNA of Pisa, Retepass of Florence, Istituto Francesco Cavazza, UIC of Marche, Alto Adige and Piemonte.