ERASMUS+ READ-COM Project – 2° Online Transnational Meeting 19-20 November 2020

Last 19-20 November 2020 it was held the second distance transnational meeting for the Project READ-COM - Reading Communities from the paper books to the digital era (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for EDUCATION, Development of Innovation)

Due to the worsening of the health emergency for Covid-19 throughout Europe, even the 2nd Transnational Coordination Meeting of the READ-COM project - that should have been held in Lisbon (PT) - was realized as online plenary session at which all partner organizations took part.

During the meeting were presented, analyzed and discussed the final results obtained in the preliminary research to detect in each partner country good practice in teaching and education to promote reading among children aged between 3 and 12 years. The results' comparison allowed to highlight similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses in each reality, constituting a precious basis to implant the development of the contents of the first Intellectual Output of the project: the READ-COM Toolkit. The Toolkit will constitute a useful compendium for Preschool and Primary School teachers including highly innovative activities to promote the reading education among their young students, as well as a valid support for literacy acquisition processes. Its contents will be also useful to foster social inclusion dynamics, also promoting the parents’ participation to their children school-life, giving them a more active role in encouraging reading as fruitful activity to do together. A special focus was dedicated to the illustration of the activity sheets that will constitute the educational proposal to be offered by the Toolkit to teachers, educators and families according to the different children age groups. The first draft of the reading education activities should be ready for the end of February 2021. The second day meeting focused the operational and technical issues linked to the second Intellectual Output - the "Reading Animation App" – as well as its features and educational purposes. This multimedia App, based on a playful and interactive approach, can be a valid tool for teachers to promote reading education and literacy acquisition among children. Through the App – indeed - it will be possible to access and use, even in mediated form - some of the activities included in the Toolkit as well as other opportunities and educational games always aimed at promoting reading or early literacy processes.