ERASMUS+ REMINT Project – European training session on experiential learning methods for communicative and social skills of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, 02-05 July 2018, Florence (ITA).

Dal 02 al 05 Luglio 2018, ospitata dal Centro Machiavelli, si è svolta a Firenze la sessione formativa sui metodi esperienziali per l’apprendimento linguistico di rifugiati, richiedenti asilo e migranti prevista dal progetto REMINT, Refugees and Migrants

From 02 to 05 July 2018 took place in Florence at Centro Machiavelli the training session on the experiential methods applied to language learning for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants provided by the REMINT project (ERASMUS+ K.A2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training, Exchange of Good Practices).

During the Learning-Teaching activities partners detailed the experiential learning methods which they use in language teaching for the peculiar target focused by the project. Then, they presented all the practical rules to apply these methods in classroom. All the partners’ staff joined active training sessions with learning games, workshops and simulations on the experiential learning topics. Thank to this experience, partners also planned the first outlines to develop the Toolkit on which they are already working.