ERASMUS+ VAMOS Project – 29 June 2021, 3° Online Transnational Project Meeting

On 29 June 2021 it was held the third distance transnational meeting for the VAMOS Project – VAlorising Migrants’ experience to increase their Occupational Skills (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for VET, Development of Innovation)

Last 29 June 2021 it was held the third distance transnational meeting for the VAMOS Project, that was attended by all the European partners, who faced very crucial issues for the development of the next project activities and work planning. In particular, the partners discussed the current project’s state of the art and how to approach the appointment scheduled for November 2021, when the training week for Experts in migrants’ labour and social inclusion will be held in Seville. Also, the partners agreed on how to finalize the second project’s output: a specific self-assessment tool designed to investigate the skills possessed by migrants already residing in the various involved territories and useful for providing support to newcomers (Assessment Tool).

The Assessment Tool, designed to be an agile and online tool, will allow participants to identify the areas of knowledge that need strengthening, in order to offer the most qualified and professional support as possible to the newcomers, fostering their active and conscious involvement in the community daily life. The results obtained from the Assessment Tool applying will allow also to refine the training contents of the third project output: a specific training course aimed to develop/strenghten the skills required to the Integration Expert to be able to effectively support the social inclusion path of newcomers. The next working months will be crucial for partners to choose, organize and create the training contents to be tested in November in Seville.

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