23 December 2021
The second training session - Learning Teaching Training Activities - planned for the READ-COM project was held in Malaga.
23 December 2021
Last 13-14 December 2021- hosted by the University of Malaga - Language, Art and Sport Dept. - it was held the fourth transnational meeting for the HEROES Project - HEritage, cultural ROots and innovative peer Education Strategies
25 October 2021
Si svolge a Lisbona la prima sessione di attività formative - Learning Teaching Training Activities – previste del progetto READ-COM.
25 October 2021
Ospiti del partner portoghese Jardins Escolas João de Deus il team di lavoro del progetto READ-COM si incontra a Lisbona per il 4° meeting transnazionale di coordinamento tecnico e per le attività di formazione
04 October 2021
After the long stop imposed by the pandemic, on 29 and 30 September 2021 hosted by the Greek partner EKEDISY, took place in Athens the third coordination meeting of the project HEROES - Heritage, cultural Roots and innovative peer Education Strategies
03 September 2021
The HEROES experience figures among the initiatives mapped by the Segretariato Generale of the Italian Ministry of Culture and by the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali
20 July 2021
From July 7, the information workshops for entrepreneurs and operators of employment services started about the new employment opportunities for visually impaired and blind people
12 July 2021
One year after the outbreak of the pandemic it was held the first transnational meeting in presence for the READ-COM project
12 July 2021
At the end of June 2021, the piloting of the peer-educational activities aimed to Secondary School students and included in the HEROES Model successfully closed in each partner country.
30 June 2021
On 29 June 2021 it was held the third distance transnational meeting for the VAMOS Project – VAlorising Migrants’ experience to increase their Occupational Skills (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for VET, Development of Innovation)
15 June 2021
Lo staff del Centro Machiavelli si prepara alla settimana di formazione a Huelva prevista per Luglio 2021 lavorando su culture, valori e tradizioni europee a confronto
14 June 2021
Inclusive Zone Project - Promoting Socio-Laborative Inclusion of MSNAs (Unaccompanied Minors) in the Florentine Metropolitan Area.
07 June 2021
The 8th of June 2021 celebrates the awarding of the ten videos made by the students of the many secondary school classes who were involved in the "Digital Art Ambassadors" activity.
24 May 2021
The activities to implement the Reading Education Toolkit for Pre-primary and Primary school teachers are still running in each partner country
14 April 2021
Last 09 April 2021 it was held the second distance transnational meeting for the HEROES Project - HEritage, cultural ROots and innovative peer Education Strategies (ERASMUS+ K.A 2, Strategic Partnerships for EDUCATION, Development of Innovation)
16 February 2021
The DTRAIN project is completing the development of the Curriculum for the training course
08 January 2021
On 10 and 11 December 2020, the second coordination meeting of the RADAR project - Vocational Guidance and Employability for Blind and Partially Sighted People (ERASMUS + K.A2, Strategic Partnerships for Innovation in VET) took place online.