Start date: 
End Date: 
24 months
VET mobilità Staff e Learners

VET educators are playing a vital role in making vocational education and training a reality, as they support and encourage trainees to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. The professional development of VET educators is essential for the quality of VET. 

The proposed training seminar contributes to the development of the further training of VET educators, and the development of the VET knowledge sector, as it will introduce new teaching methods in the field. The seminar addresses the constantly changing educational aspects of VET sector through its emphasis on lifelong learning. The training program is specialized for the VET educators, based on international experiences and will support the development and recognition of trainers knowledge, skills and competencies, subjects that are crucial for the development of individuals, educational sector and social cohesion.

The use of psychodrama in adult education, and particular in vocational training, is not widespread. In response to these needs the PaTiVET mobility project aims to offer an educational seminar for VET trainers in psychodrama as an educational tool, based on international experiences. The mobility experience is supporting VET trainers to upgrade their key skills and to acquire psychodramatic techniques, such as are role playing, role taking and reversal, distancing, mirroring, amplification, improvising and many others. Basic mission of the project is to support continuous training VET trainers by enriching their teaching qualifications and provide them with training communication and interpersonal cooperation skills, conflict resolution and team building competencies, strategic planning and supervision skills. 

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to improve their level of English language during their stay in the host country, and through their participation in the educational seminar that the PaTiVET programme offers.