Psychodrama as Tool in Education & Vet

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The course is designed to provide an educational and methodological update on teaching methods based on Psychodrama and its possible applying in classroom. The Psychodrama techniques allow teaching staff to deepen knowledge about class-group internal dynamics, being very useful to understand students' needs, motivate them and better manage potential inner difficulties. Handling group dynamic phenomena requires teachers a wider and deeper training, especially for such major themes as conflict resolution and tackling resistances. The course aims to explain how to effectively apply selected psychodramatic principles and techniques in educational/training processes and its objectives are:

1. To outline the main concepts and principles of Psychodrama;

2. To provide practical examples on how to apply the method in Education and Training;

3. To identify the possible risks deriving from Psychodrama application outside Psychotherapy;

4. To underline the opportunity to enrich educational/training activities applying Psychodrama techniques.

Knowing the class group internal dynamics, teachers can set specific activities which improve and consolidate classroom relationships, overcome insecurities, stereotypes and individual difficulties in favor of an optimal cooperative and trusted learning background, pushing group cohesion and atmosphere of confidence and safety. The methodology used for the course will be primarily based on practical activities inspired by experiential teaching, with practical simulations, analysis, discussion and exchange of experiences and good practices among participants. 

TARGET: Teachers, trainers, instructors of any subject matter and class who work both in public and private schools or in training centers. Aspiring teachers, trainers or instructors of any subject matter or class. 

DURATION: 32 hours

EXPERT: Dr. Laura Remaschi

Dr. Laura Remaschi, graduated in psychology, obtained a researcher doctoral degree in social and community psychology in 2014. Since 2007 psychotherapist of the person centered Approach in individual and group setting, in professional, public and private areas. Specialist in theory and technics management of groups, performs advisory interventions to prevent juvenile discomfort aimed at students, parents and teachers of secondary school. Founding member and past-president of LabCom Research and Action for Psycho-Social well-being,  spin-off of University of Florence – Psychology Dept. for the realization of the research-action method, approach of community psychology and social empowerment.