Technical and transnational combined meeting ALL4WELL e MOLLVIS projects

A new technical and transnational meeting took place in these days in Berlin.

The meeting scheduled for the 4th, 5th and 6th November 2014, combined the two projects ALL4WELL and MOLLVIS and has been the opportunity for the whole partnership to discuss and exchange views on the current status of products for the both.

Both born from the previous European projects ELLVIS and VET4VIP, through which they were created computer-based language courses for visually impaired students, the ongoing  ALL4WELL and MOLLVIS share the same basic goal: facilitate the language acquisition for visually impaired people.

However, while the project ALL4WELL focuses on the transfer and adaptation of the English language computer course ELLVIS to the needs of Romanians, Italians, and Germans students working in the field of welfare, MOLLVIS has instead the aim to create German language learning apps for Windows, Apple and Android devices that can be suitable and attractive for sighted learners as well.


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