VAMOS - Inclusive Zone

Inclusive Zone Project - Promoting Socio-Laborative Inclusion of MSNAs (Unaccompanied Minors) in the Florentine Metropolitan Area.

Cepiss, through a network of cooperatives, non-profit associations and training centers, including Centro Machiavelli Florence, Italian tandem partner within the VAMOS project, is starting to work on an important project for migrants, in particular for unaccompanied minors. The project is "Inclusive Zone" funded by CARIPLO Banking Foundation of Milan. It is an innovative project that wants to offer to minors arrived in Italy, paths and activities aimed at growth, integration and progressive autonomy to be acquired during the journey towards the adult world and the comparison between peers that favors, through the exchange of ideas, a mutual individual growth. Many aspects of “Inclusive Zone” are integrated with VAMOS project: The project will be oriented towards the activation of paths of accompaniment to work, social and relational inclusion and cultural linguistic inclusion. During the training and capacity building activities, the minor will not be left alone in the construction of his path, but a guidance and tutoring service will be made available thanks to the involvement of competent stakeholders in various sectors.

Cepiss cooperative has activated a path of orientation and profiling for about 40 migrants. The guidance counselor carried out individual orientation interviews aimed at the compilation of the CV, providing useful information on the work and training offer in the area and offering support in the process of defining the professional profile of the users concerned. Cepiss is organizing workshops for the development of soft skills and key competencies on digital and spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, learning to learn through the YOU-ROPE methodology, a work methodology that comes from an Erasmus+ Youth KA2 project experience ended in 2019, promoted by Cepiss in cooperation with Centro Machiavelli Florence and LabCom – Florence University, plus a consortium of Greek, Romanian and Spanish partners.

These types of projects are very important and are widespread in different areas of Italy: they serve to increase integration and orient towards the world of work. In Italy there is a widespread network of similar projects that aim to autonomy of migrants or from the point of view of work or from the point of view of personal autonomy, both working and housing autonomy. Similar projects are innovative also because they do not only deal with a "first reception" of the migrant but also with a continuous support for inclusion in the social community.

(Authors: C. Morieri, D. Medea, Cepiss Coop; M. Paiano, Centro Machiavelli; June 2021).

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