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30 months
Heritage, cultural Roots and innovative peer Education Strategies

HEROES aims to strengthen the connection between the Education System and Cultural Heritage Education through an educational peer method aimed to introduce teachers and cultural educators to innovative pedagogical strategies, combining cultural heritage education with non-formal learning. With priorities derived from both the EU Faro Convention and Erasmus+, the project aims to promote the knowledge of cultural heritage as a common resource for the peaceful co-existence within cultural diversity.

Specific Objectives

  • Create mutual exchange of partners’ pedagogical experiences to be combined, improved and enriched through peer education
  • Introduce teachers and cultural educators to innovative pedagogical strategies combining cultural heritage education with non-formal learning
  • Provide a space for mutual collaboration of educators pedagogical experiences, as well as an opportunity to improved and enriched the project in a new and original NON-formal learning path

Main Target Groups

  • All secondary school teachers
  • Cultural educators such as professionals in the didactic departments at museums or other public/private institutions focused on the promotion of cultural heritage
  • Secondary school students from 14-18 years old
    • To display to our students the innate value of inclusivity and cultural heritage education

Project Partners:

  1. Gallerie Degli Uffizi – Firenze Italy
  2. Centro Machiavelli S.r.l. – Firenze Italy
  3. Istituto Tecnico per il Turismo Marco Polo – Firenze Italy
  4. Ethniko Kentro Erevnas kai Diasosis Sholikou Ylikou – Athens Greece
  5. Universidad de Malaga – Malaga Spain