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30 months
Valorising Migrants’ experience to increase their Occupational Skills

General Objectives

Supporting the efforts of EU member states to help integrate migrants and refugees into Europe's education systems and ensure their skills development is an urgent and demanding task. VAMOS consortium, led by Asociacion Horuelo (Spain), is made up of 8 organizations from Greece, Italy, UK and Spain that have a long experience in training and inclusion initiatives with the migrant population. Indeed, four of them have worked on a prior project called Refugees and Migrants Inclusion Toolkit - REMINT (2017-1-IT01-KA202-006177) that inspired this proposal.

Specific Objectives

Project VAMOUS aims to tackle the existing challenge in all EU countries by valorising migrants 'own experience to act as recognized professionals in migrants' labor and social inclusion.

  • Enhance labor integration of experienced migrants
  • Improve the social and labor integration of newcomers

Main Outputs

  • IO1. Professional profile of the Expert in Migrants' Labor and Social Inclusion
  • IO2. Assessment tool on key competencies for Migrants' Labor and Social Inclusion
  • IO3. Training course. Expert in Migrants' Labor and Social Inclusion
  • IO4. Guidelines for Newcomers from Migration Experiences

Other results related to the main Intellectual outputs will be

  • VAMOS network
  • Guidelines for facilitators
  • A repository of Learning materials


  1. Horuelo - Madrid (Spain)
  2. INCOMA - Seville (Spain)
  3. Centro Machiavelli Srl (Italy)
  4. European Education & Learning Institute (Greece)
  5. Creative Learning Programs Ltd (United Kingdom)
  6. Cepiss Social cooperative onlus (Italy)
  7. Refuweegee United Kingdom
  8. Kekaper-Region of Crete-lifelong Learning, Education and Employment Department development direction Rethymno regional - unit-Region of Crete