AFFECTIVE EDUCATION: an innovative teaching pathway

The course is designed to provide a methodological update on pedagogical approaches fostering the affective dimension of education, in particular it focuses an innovative teaching pathway based on the “Democrazia Affettiva®" model.   Valorizing the affective dimension of Education means aiming to the right to welfare of all the members of the educative community (educators, teachers, pupils), creating  positive peer-relationships between teacher and pupils, not based on the traditional asymmetric “mechanisms of power”. This approach takes in account all those items related to the growth and personal development of the pupils and to their affective perceptions, too often penalized for the benefit of social and cognitive training objectives. Applying an affective model of Education since the beginning to contribute in: setting up a positive relation between the Education System and its target groups, better managing complex or intercultural classrooms and reducing teachers’ educative effort in their daily educative commitments.

The course aims to explain how to effectively apply these principles in the educative process and its objectives are:

1. Approaching to an innovative concept of Education;

2. Reducing the educative effort of teachers and educators in carrying out their daily assignments;

3.Providing educators and teaching staff with an innovative perspective for looking at the educative relationship, gradually overcoming the traditional asymmetric models in favor of building a system of peer relationships among the subjects involved.

The teaching methodology will be based primarily on practical activities inspired by experiential teaching, with practical simulations and time for analysis, discussion and the exchange of experiences and good practices among the participants.

TARGET Educators, teachers and trainers of Pre-primary schools (Nurseries, Kindergartens, etc.), Primary and Secondary Schools, working both in public or private institutions /educative centers, and to aspiring educators, teachers of these educative levels.

DURATION 30 hours

EXPERT Dr. Renato Palma

Dr. Renato Palma, physician and psychotherapist. Starting from the search for a non-confrontational and non-authoritarian model in the inter and intrapersonal relations, Dr. Palma considers essential a change in the relationship between adults and young people, reflecting the dynamics of power within the educational moment and their transfer in therapy. Lecturer at the University of Florence for the first level Master "Quotidianita dell’etica clinica" on the theme of citizenship in the world of medicine. Dr. Palma is author of several research works and publications, including: "I I sì che aiutano a crescere", 2009 ETS editions and "La facile Felicita, Crescere insieme in una Democrazia Affettiva”, 2015 GoWare editions, English version Jan.2016