ERASMUS + KA2 – DIGIVETT4VIP (The Missing Tile)

DIGIVETT4VIP – MISSING TILE Il Tassello Mancante - Il Tutor Digitale per Non Vedenti e Ipovedenti (EU PROGRAMME ERASMUS+ VET KA210)

The DIGIVETT4VIP - MISSING TILE promotes social inclusion, with the aim of improving awareness and stability within the labor market of people with visual disability. This objective will be pursued by acting on the operators and trainers of the Blind's Organizations with orientation tasks and/or specific support services, focused on the use of the most recent assistive technologies (software, programs, devices, etc.). In particular, they will support users for overcoming the difficulties arising from the poor usability of software/procedures, providing remote assistance and support. Therefore, the project intends to improve the quality of work and allow the improvement of services through the growth of internal staff, pursued through the updating of digital skills, with particular regard to the management and use of assistive technologies, so that they are constantly in line with the needs of their users.

For this reason, good practices in each partner country (Italy and Poland) will be highlighted, through the results that will be developed during the project, that is: a mapping of the most used assistive ICT tools for accessibility by blind and visually impaired workers; a highlight of the most recurring technical problems for blind users in the use of assisted ICT in the workplace; a codification/systematization of standardized technical indications that operators must apply to solve technical problems and remote assistance actions; and finally a description of the Procedure with the technical instructions and digital skills necessary for remote assistance operators. These objectives will be pursued by deepening some common needs and problems already shared and focused by the blind partner organizations (UIC-PZN) in the context of their usual international networking activities. In both countries, the lack of adequate professional support was identified - the 'missing tile' - which can lead the blind and visually impaired to overcome technological problems and consequently improve their working conditions and performance. These skills will form a tailored package of ICT, focused on assistive technology skills to be provided to practitioners.

The project, therefore, intends to respond to the needs and objectives identified by the partners by making a concrete contribution to overcoming the usability gap of software, applications, procedures and sectoral contents that the blind and visually impaired must manage in order to carry out one or more specific tasks related to own work activity.



Union of Blind Consiglio Regionale Toscana (IT)

European Partners

Centro Machiavelli Srl  - Training Agency & EU Projects Dept. (Firenze, ITA)

Polski Zwiazek Niewidomych - PZN, Warszawa (PL)


Start date: 01-03-2022

Closing date: 01-03-2024

KA210-VET - Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training

Code: 2021-2-IT01-KA210-VET-000050949