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OEMCO - Outdoor Education for Museum and Cultural Organizations

ERASMUS+ K.A 210 ADU, Small-scale partnerships in adult education - Code: 2021-2-EL01-KA210-ADU-000050334

The OEMCO Project is aimed at promoting the exchange and sharing at European level of good practices for outdoor education for museums and public/private cultural organizations. The general objective of the project is to bring adults closer to cultural heritage and to raise their awareness of the active role that outdoor activities can have in enhancing it.

Specifically, the project intends to develop an Handbook containing various outdoor education activities shared and tested by all three partners.

Outdoor education includes all educational activities, even if not strictly curricular, which are carried out outdoors by schools and educational organizations of various types. Being together in the open air increases the social skills of children, teenagers and adults who, placed in a context different from the traditional learning, are stimulated and motivated to relate to themselves and to others in a different way. Furthermore, some activities raise awareness of the issues of respect for the environment, self-perception in the world and body and mind health and the importance, especially for OEMCO, of cultural heritage as an element of continuous growth for all ages. This type of activity is inspired by scouting, in fact scouts by their nature carry out outdoor activities with the aim of increasing their socialization skills in a context of mutual respect, care, interaction and attention to the surrounding environment.

This method of approach will be developed through key moments of the project, consisting of training activities with moments of sharing and exchanging good practices in the field of outdoor education. All these practices will then be collected and included in the final Handbook which will be made available to all those who wish to use it as an OER.

The Handbook will consist of a first theoretical part which will allow those who read it to better understand what outdoor education is and a second part where it will be possible to see how it is put into practice, through the collection of case studies for each country partners, with various proposals for activities to be carried out in the field.

To encourage dialogue and meetings between participants in the project activities, support the professional exchange between teachers, museum educators and sector operators in general from the different countries involved.

To strengthen the synergies between educational and cultural institutions, not only at the local level, but also transnationally, a special website has also been set up dedicated to the themes developed by OEMCO.



EKEDISY, National Centre for Research and Preservation of School Material – Athens, Greece

European Partners

Centro Machiavelli Srl - Florence Italy

Espacio Rojo – Madrid, Spain