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30 months
READ-COM – Reading Communities from the paper books to the digital era (ERASMUS+ K.A2,Partenariato Strategico per lo Sviluppo dell’Innovazione, ambito EDUCAZIONE)

Project READ-COM addresses several of the objectives in the Europe 2020 strategy for economic growth through the use of reading communities. Reading Communities will analyze the habits and attitudes towards reading that families have with their children as well as teachers' attitudes and strategies towards teaching reading. This project will contribute to a reduction in the premature dropout rate as well as facilitate an increase in the quality of the EU workforce in the long run. So the main goal of the project is to increase and strengthen the cooperation between regional authorities and to promote the development of the education system.

Specific Obiectives

- To raise awareness among families, schools, university professors, and students on the importance of reading through providing resources to improve reading practices at home and at school;

- READ-COM is intended to support people to acquire and develop core skills and key competencies; addressing diversity, promoting social inclusion, as well as encourage innovative methods for teaching and learning, in our case, through reading, ultimately being able to successfully address challenges in learning environments

Main Outputs

I.O1 COMPARATIVE CURRICULUM NARRATIVE SUMMARY” +“READING EDUCATION TOOLKIT”. The preliminary summary provides an overview of the intent, implementation and impact of reading practices for each country. It will include the knowledge, skills and understandings from families, active teaching staff and undergraduate students. Then, the Toolkit is aimed to develop teachers’ and student teachers’ understanding of the importance of engaging with family and understanding family/social situation of the child. Its contents will enable educators, educative professionals, teaching staff and support teachers to approach and aware children to the value of reading as source for developing critical sense, creativity and imagination.

I.O2 "Read Animation APP": the APP is based on the concept of ludic learning to stimulate children's creativity and imagination through interactive games (diversified by age groups 3-6, 6-9, 9-12) that will allow to create original stories starting from images and/or texts from classic children's stories of each country, promoting at the same time intercultural awareness and affection towards reading and storytelling since early age.

All the Outputs will be available as OER to guarantee their widest circulation & spread not only among the involved organizations but even toward all actors interested in working in the field of education with children in the age spectrum 3-12 years. It will contribute to the long run improvement of the EU workforce and premature dropout rate and to make a dream come true: to improve reading habits so that all children can have the same opportunities in the future.

To follow all the progress of the READ-COM project and to download its reading education products click here!



Universidad de Malaga, Educational Sciences Dept. – Malaga, Spain

European Partners

Centro Machiavelli Srl - Florence Italy

The Manchester Metropolitan University - Manchester United Kingdom

Associação Jardim Escola João de Deus - Lisbon Portugal

University of Granada - Granada Spain

Ceip Rosa de Gálvez - Malaga Spain

Giovanni XXIII State Comprehensive School - Terronuova Bracciolini, Arezzo Italy

Institouto Technologias Ypologistonkai Ekdoseon Diofantos - Patras Greece

KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education, Code 2019-1-ES01-KA201-063967


START DATE: 01-09-2019

END DATE: 31-08-2022