ERASMUS+ OEMCO Project – 14-18 November 2022, 1st Transnational Coordination Meeting and Training Week in Athens (GR)

From 14 to 18 November 2022, hosted by the Greek partner EKEDISY, the first coordination meeting of the OEMCO (Outdoor Education for Museum and Cultural Organization) project was held in Athens, together with a Training Week on Outdoor Education

From 14/11 to 18/11/2022 the first coordination meeting of the OEMCO (Outdoor Education for Museum and Cultural Organization) project (ERASMUS+ K.A 210 ADU, Small-scale partnerships in adult education) was held in Athens (GR), project promoted by EKIDISY (lead partner and host partner) supported by Centro Machiavelli (Italy) and Espacio Rojo (Spain).

The first day was opened by a presentation of all the partners with Team Building Activities that allowed us to break the ice. In the afternoon the partners took part in the first Outdoor Activities which took place in the National Garden of Athens, where they were able to experience on their own skin how these activities are carried out in the Greek capital.

The second day began with a presentation by Evangelia Kantartzi, Director of the Museum of Scholastic Life and Education, on the "Basic principles of outdoor education"; then followed by two other important speeches by Rafaella Dana, Design Department of the Museum of School Life and Education “Outdoor Education in the Tourism Management Department of the University of Patras” and by Maria Argyropoulou, Lecturer at the 'University of Patras. The day ended with the second Outdoor Activities on Filopappou Hill, which is a splendid hill from where all the magnificence of Athens can be admired from above. To get there, you follow a path where you can search and find hidden signals formed by the reuse of historical artifacts from ancient Greece.

The third day of activities opened with a visit to the Dorothy Snot Kindergarten, a kindergarten located in a popular neighborhood of the city, where it was explained how outdoor activities are done with children aged 3 to 6 years. The day then ended in the afternoon with an activity in the Zappeio, a garden where the partners followed a path marked by the statues of the nation's major historical exponents.

The week ended with an outdoor activity in the Plaka district and with the coordination meeting in which all the crucial points of the project were discussed and the deadlines for each partner's work were decided. The same meeting was then concluded in the morning of the last day.