Experiential Methods applied to Language Teaching

The course is designed to provide an educational and methodological update on language teaching methods based on Experiential Learning. The use of these methodologies in class ensures a significant contribution to language teaching.                                                                                                                              

These methods, based on the central role of students in the learning processes, allow to:

1. Use and enhance the learners’ non-formal and informal skills;      

2. Enhance students' communicative competences in foreign languages;                        

3. Develop the students’ ability to learn independently;

4. Develop skills in problem solving and learning by doing;

5. Motivate students to learn.

Since the creation of experiential activities for language learning requires specific practical skills, the various modules comprising the course will focus on a pragmatic teaching approach. It will enable the participants to understand the group dynamics developed using experiential teaching models applied to language learning and to appreciate how to organize the class, taking advantages in using these methods. Also, participants will be trained to recognize the possible difficulties affecting the learning process and to find solutions to create effective and motivating activities for students. The methodology used for the course will be primarily based on practical activities inspired by experiential teaching, with practical simulations, analysis, discussion and exchange of experiences and good practices among participants.

TARGET Language teachers/trainers working in public or private schools.

DURATION 30 hours

EXPERT Dr. Cristiano Sanna

Dr. Cristiano Sanna graduated in 2001 with specialization in paleoanthropology , in 2006 obtains the Researcher doctoral degree in Anthropology. In  2007 develops research activities collaborating with the Universities of Bologna and Milano. In 2008 begins to work as language teacher and trainer for teachers. In 2010 he was a leading trainer for the Grundtvig "Teaching Languages" course. In the years 2013-2015 participates as an expert teacher in the transnational training sessions for experiential methods provided by the LLP Projects Program, Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation "PATIE - Psychodrama as Tool in Education", Erasmus Plus Program KA1 Mobility "PATIVET - Psycodramas as Tool in Vocational Educational Training".