Start date: 
End Date: 
24 months
REMINT Project - Refugees and Migrants Inclusion Toolkit

ERASMUS+ K.A2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training, Exchange of Good Practices

The social inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants is closely linked to the acquisition of transversal social competences.

The REMINT project proposal aims to make a contribution to a wider use of non-traditional teaching methods that can make it easier, more motivating and more effective to learn basic transversal, linguistic and communicative skills (a toolkit) for these groups of final beneficiaries. Transversal skills such as cultural awareness, civil and social responsibility, creativity and above all essential communication skills in the host language play an important role in social inclusion and access to the labor market for this specific kind of addresses.

The overall objective of the REMINT project is the exchange of best practices among the partners involved, their improvement and the creation of an Open Source Toolkit, which contains a manual for the application of experiential methods, which can be used by any trainer, operator, language teacher or institution active in the field of services for the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Experiential learning and its application through experiential teaching methods involve students in activities with components that need to reflect and use all their cognitive skills and resources to achieve a goal.

The use of experiential methods within a heterogeneous group of learners, as are generally classes of political refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, are particularly useful and effective as they are based on the centrality of the student in the learning process, in the development of his autonomy and in full respect of his specific abilities.


Applicant Coordinator

IC VERDI – In Altre Parole– Scuola di Lingua e Intercultura per Migranti. (Florence, ITA)


Centro Machiavelli Srl  - Training Agency & EU Projects Dept. (Florence, ITA)

EELI, European Education and Learning Institute (Rethymnon, GR)

CLP, Creative Learning Programmes, (Edinburgh, UK)

Studiefrämjandet Dalarna (Falun, SE)

INCOMA  (Seville, ES)