Director of Centro Machiavelli since 1995. She has been responsible for the coordination of all activities of the Centro Machiavelli including teacher training and external relations with partners, schools and universities. She participates actively to the development of the EU projects realised by Centro Machiavelli.


He began to work with the Centro Machiavelli in 2008 with the aim of developing the EU Projects Area. He has more that 20-year experience in the following fields: Project Management for EU projects; Financial Management of EU projects, Research and analysis on the European dimension of VET; Research and analysis on educational needs at both the local and the European levels; Consultancy and technical assistance for European planning; Quality control, monitoring and evaluation of EU projects.
He participates actively to the development of the EU projects realised by Centro Machiavelli.


Manager of the Centro Machiavelli, Member of the Board of Directors of the Centre since 1995. After having dealt with the organisation and management of the courses on Italian language and culture, she has carried out and carries out today administrative and managerial functions. Besides the administration of the Centre, she has dealt in particular with the administrative and financial management of the following activities: FSE Funds – Ob. 4 for the training of employees of the organisation; Funds of the Ministry for Research and University for the testing of educational techniques. Funds for enterprises located in areas of urban and social decay. She participates actively to the development of the EU projects realised by Centro Machiavelli.


In 2006 he received a PhD in anthropology. In 2008 he stared to work as an Italian language teacher for foreigners. In 2009 he received the highest Italian certification for Italian language teaching “Ditals II” from the University for Foreigners of Siena. In the same years he started experience as a teacher trainer and in 2010 he became head trainer for the Comenius-Grundtvig In Service Training courses “Insegnate di italiano come lingua straniera” and “Teaching Languages through Movie Making”. In 2011 he obtained the certification from “Regione Toscana” as Expert in Learning Evaluation. He works for at Centro Machiavelli as Italian language teacher for foreigners and participates actively to the development of the EU projects realised by Centro Machiavelli.