Training Offer

Our Training Agency organizes refresher innovative courses of didactics and educational methodologies addressed to teaching staff and educators. We also arrange training internships that combine classroom teaching and experiential learning in companies. Through its European Projects Department, the Training Agency promotes several EU projects targeted to different teachers categories, educators and youth workers within the Erasmus Plus Programme for Education, VET and Youth.  The European dimension characterizing these actions allows the participants to understand and share the good educational practices adopted in the Member States and to experiment innovative patterns.

The methodological updating proposed by our Training Agency to teachers and educators concerns especially the value and the modality of application of Experiential Teaching Methods applied both to general didactic and to language teaching. These methodologies could give significant contributions to the improvement of teaching, since they contribute to motivate students and teachers. Regarding language didactic, Centro Machiavelli offers furthermore training courses for “Facilitatore Linguistico”, a professional with specific language teaching skills and intercultural competences who deals with children, young people and foreign adults, supporting them with work, educational and social integration.

The peculiar activities addressed to educators of kindergarten and primary schools aim to introduce these operators to an innovative reading key to look at the educative relationship introducing the theoretical basis of the “Democrazia Affettiva®” Model and focusing the concept of “Osservazione Partecipante” (based on the principles of the Infant Observation theory), as important pedagogical approaches needed to build positive educative environments.