Final conference for ELLVIS Project

English Language Learning programme for Visually Impaired Students


COMENIUS sub-programme

Thursday, March 24th at 10:00 am

Conference Hall, Oblate Library, Via Dell'Oriuolo n. 26.

We invite all those who work in the training sector, to participate in the Final Conference of the Project ELLVIS:

English language education for visually impaired students.


From a technological point of view, the innovative element of the ELLVIS course is a pointer to dynamic tactile feedback (joystick) that will allow the utilization of the navigation software related to the course.

The playful aspect connected to this device makes the program highly motivating and suitable for children and adolescents.

The conference will also be an important opportunity for institutions, training organizations, schools and enterprises that can meet and exchange their ideas about the ways of learning and supporting technologies.

We wait for you and ask you to kindly confirm your participation contacting us by phone within the 18th of March. You can extend the invitation to all those who may have interest in this initiative.