PaTiE First Transnazional Meeting 24-25 February 2014 Firenze

Centro Machiavelli will be again master of the house for the first transnational meeting of the European project PaTiE - Psychodrama as a tool in education (LLP - L. DA VINCI TOI).

During the meeting, which will be held on February 24th and 25th, will be presented the study on psychodrama as an educational tool, conducted by Cristiano Sanna, expert teacher and learning evaluator for Centro Machiavelli.

The research results will represent the basis from where start to develop the whole project. It will be fundamental also in order to assess the project impact once finished.

The meeting will serve to establish the first actions to be undertaken by each partner, the deadlines to be met and will help to shed light on any doubts related to the project management.